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Directory2Clipboard is useful for getting information about directory structures and for creating batch files.

Directory2Clipboard copies directory names and file names to the clipboard.

The Send To context menu is extended by the Clipboard as Name (Dir) menu item.

Keywords: subdirectories, sorting, depth of subdirectory, filter, creation, last modified, last
access, size range, attributes, long file names, 8.3 file names, output formatting, COM-interface.
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Directory2Clipboard screenshot small
Small screenshot of Directory2Clipboard
View large screenshot of Directory2Clipboard (28 KB).
View animated screen capture of Directory2Clipboard (50 KB).
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Get the full path of files in a directory.
Output format %p
Sample result H:/ampel01.ico
Create a HTML content with a list of links to specified files.
Output format <a href="%u" onmouseover="status='%n';">%u</a><br>
Sample result <a href="file://H://ampel01.ico" onmouseover="status='ampel01';">file://H://ampel01.ico</a><br>
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DirectoryClipboard Version 3.12 (905 KB, English)
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Directory2Clipboard is shareware. You can try Directory2Clipboard 30 days to evaluate whether it meet your needs.

You can buy Directory2Clipboard for US $20.00 or 20.00 Euro at ShareIt (English)
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